International Virtual Exchange Conference 2023

FAUBAI and UNESP will host the 4th International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC), which will be held in São Paulo (Brazil) in October 30 – November 1. 

We look forward to a great 2023 and to welcoming you to Brazil! 

is IVEC?

IVEC is the largest and most prominent event on Virtual Exchange, providing a forum for instructors, administrators, instructional designers, and educational leaders from institutions around the world interested in technology, international education, and new pedagogies.

Virtual Exchange (also known as Collaborative Online International Learning – COIL, Globally Networked Learning, or Telecollaboration) extends authentic opportunities for intercultural and transnational learning to students within K-16 classrooms, as well as through co-curricular activities.

Call for Proposals

We invite proposal submissions from individuals, institutions and organisations around the world focused on virtual exchange. We welcome proposals from experienced virtual exchange practitioners (instructors, staff, and administrators) and students who have participated in virtual exchange. We particularly encourage submissions from PhD students and early-career researchers.

The languages of the conference and submissions will be English, Portuguese, and Spanish. All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer review process. Authors will be notified in time to register by the early registration deadline.

Dryfta, your gateway to our conference

Your participation in IVEC 2023 will be managed through Dryfta, an all-in-one event platform that will make it very easy for you to submit, review and send your papers, as well as to create your contact list and schedule. 

We will invite proposal submissions from individuals, institutions and organisations around the world focused on virtual exchange. We will welcome proposals from experienced virtual exchange practitioners (faculty, staff, administrators), as well as students who have participated in virtual exchange, PhD students, and early-career researchers. 

Authors willing to participate in IVEC 2023 will be notified in time to register in Dryfta.


In 2023, the International Virtual Exchange Conference will take place in São Paulo, Brazil. We look forward to welcoming you in one of the most vibrant and innovative cities of South America, full of colour and experiences to enjoy.


FAUBAI, the Brazilian Association for International Education, together with the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), have been confirmed as the hosts of the 5th International Virtual Exchange Conference.

Since 2017 FAUBAI has been developing and promoting the Virtual Exchange movement in Brazil. To institutionalize the initiative, the Association proposed and has been developing the Brazilian Virtual Exchange – BRaVE Program to empower and certify Brazilian Higher Education Institutions to become increasingly involved in this vital internationalization-at-home activity. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to co-organize this event in Brazil. 

A pioneer in Brazil to take up the Virtual Exchange movement brought to the country by FAUBAI, UNESP has become directly involved with developing and implementing an institutional initiative to foster this internationalization at home action. Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships and sought to become a model to help increase the reach of the BRaVE Program to other institutions in Brazil. We are therefore delighted to, together with FAUBAI, co-organize this first edition of IVEC in the southern hemisphere. 

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